Sports Lab Stretch Therapy

Sports Lab Stretch Therapy

Centrally located in Midtown Manhattan near Grand Central Station, Sports Lab offers certified stretching services on our orthopedic hydraulic massage tables.

Our NYC stretch therapy is designed to reduce stress, realign your body, relieve soreness, reduce injury, and ultimately increase flexibility.

After a brief initial assessment we will customize your stretch session to focus directly on the areas most important to reliving and improving your mobility and posture.

Each relaxing SportsLab Stretch Therapy session is one hour, fully clothed, on a comfortable massage table. You’ll feel the results immediately, and walk out feeling younger, lighter and ready to go. Like a massage, it’s a great way to pamper yourself for recovery and relief from the hectic hustle of NYC.

Whether you want to reduce stress levels, improve your posture, run faster and farther, or lift more, Stretch Therapy can help you. Time to treat yourself and invest in your well-being!

  • Improve flexibility 
  • Increase range of motion
  •  Improve posture
  •  Less muscle soreness
  •  Relieve muscle tension
  •  Alleviate joint stress
  •  Improve athletic performance
  •  Reduce risk of injury
  •  Move with more ease
  •  Recover from workouts faster
  •  Feel more relaxed
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