SportsLab is passionate about the NYC personal trainer community. Our business model has been craftily curated with a combined 40 years of experience in the NYC personal trainer industry. We know what works, and building a positive personal training floor environment is paramount to our clients success, as well as our strength coaches. Professional, educated, career focused independent personal trainers desire a beautiful training facility, combined with great service and a positive, thoughtful coaching community. We offer exactly this at SportsLab. —Personal trainer positions are available at SportsLab NYC for Manhattan independent trainers interested in building their own business. We offer the opportunity to train your clients at SportsLab and also, at the same time, become a personal trainer with us, filling in hours you may have available during the day. This approach is a Win/Win for both, which also helps in creating the positive environment we speak so much about. If you are interested in speaking more about this opportunity please contact us asap. We are always looking for top professionals in the NYC personal trainer employment field. [email protected]

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