SportsLab’s personalized run assessment program is an all encompassing 360 degree approach for your run injury prevention and rehabilitation. Using a state-of-the-art device called DorsaVi, SportsLab NYC combines wearable sensor technology with one on one physical therapy and programmed performance training to create the ultimate client experience.

At 200 frames per second, our ViPerform run gait analysis tests the jog, run, sprint, acceleration/deceleration, and distance run movements. It measures leg symmetry, average ground force reaction force(L and R), initial peak acceleration, average ground contact time, and much much more. This allows us to determine where you may have weaknesses and how we will design a program to strengthen them–Getting you back in the next RACE!

SportsLab NYC is unrivaled by any other rehabilitation facility in the New York sports training industry. Our formulated service includes an in-depth personal computerized evaluation, a structured nutrition plan, and a personalized strength training program. These three elements are key to unlocking success in any seriously thought out rehab and performance program.

SportsLab NYC has redesigned the outdated rehabilitation and sports training model. Drawing from our various disciplines, we offer you all of the tools necessary to unleash your inner athlete. So wether you’re in rehabilitation for the New York City Marathon or training for any sport or event in which you would like to improve, SportsLab NYC has you covered, using Dorsavi sensor technology.

Contact SportsLab NYC today for more details on signing up for our famed Run Assessment Program, located near Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan.


  • DorsaVi Assessment / Screening
  • Run specific personalized performance training program design-8 weeks
  • Personalized one on one Performance Personal Training
  • Structured 8-week Nutrition Plan
  • 8 week Follow up Dorsavi Assessment for program’s measured data and results.

Unleash Your Athlete