Jason Onserud

Jason is a Co-Founder and Director of Physical Performance at Sports Lab NYC. He is a C.S.C.S (Certified Strength & conditioning Coach), has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education: Non-Teaching: ATC (Certified Athletic Training) Program from Hunter College in NYC, and has been coaching and furthering his education since 1997.

Jason has developed the Sports Lab NYC personal physical performance program that is founded upon “The Lab Report”, which is a physical evaluation that tests all aspects of fitness and compares each individual to the normative data for their gender, age, training population and body weight. Upon completion the report provides a score in which to assess current fitness, set goals, and to identify

areas of weakness that require improving in order to achieve progress and prevent activity/sport related injuries.

Jason is also an expert fitness training program designer in which he utilizes his exercise science education, mastery of the exercise program variables, and years of experience to design progression based training programs that lead each client to any fitness goal, whether that is to compete as a professional athlete, feel healthy & fit, decreasing body fat, become strong and functional, add muscle, and/or be able participate in physical activities with confidence. Please contact our Concierge Desk to make an appointment for the Initial Evaluation and begin your journey towards the highest level of fitness of your life.

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