SportsLab NYC provides its clients with the latest in high performance training technology. Desire to improve your game and win over your competitors?

Surge was built for the highest level of professional and Olympic athletes to mimic athletic movements off the field. With unlimited freedom of motion, you can replicate any athletic movement, conditioning your body to perform at peak levels.

SportsLab NYC offers Surge Performance Training in our flagship training facility, located in midtown Manhattan near Bryant Park.

Surge 360 overview

Benefits include:

Explosive Power
The Surge360 is designed to train the explosive release you need in the big moment. Instead of moving at a fixed speed it’s constantly changing based on the force applied. The harder you push, the harder the pistons push back.

Safe Load
Surge equipment uses non-weight-bearing resistance so there are never any dangerous weight loads forced on muscles, joints, or ligaments. You can train maximally while limiting any risk of injury.

Full-Body Multi-Directional
Traditional weights provide only one path of resistance, training your muscles in only one plane of motion. Hydraulic Performance Training provides 360 degrees of unilateral resistance forcing total body movement integration.


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