Summer 2016

Its nearly Summer of 2016 and SportsLab NYC is again alive with social media! We’ve been online for 7 years this coming summer, though our social media presence has been rather quiet. Times have changed folks and the SportsLab/Blog is starting back with soon weekly SL Blog updates on science based sports physical therapy and performance personal training. We will also post on sports nutrition, sports massage, and on other interesting topics, such as Dorsavi’s ViPerform, THE LATEST IN WEARABLE SENSOR TECHNOLOGY TO MEASURE YOUR MOVEMENT AND MUSCLE ACTIVITY. This exclusive service is NOW AVAILABLE in New York at SPORTSLAB NYC.

These are articles that will educate and guide you on proper methods of treatment and training, whether you are a professional or collegiate athlete, weekend warrior, or somewhere in between and simply want the best for your body and life.

SportsLab NYC is located in Midtown Manhattan and Bryant Park. If you are looking for the most educated and informed Manhattan based sports physical therapists or personal trainers, look no further. We are science based with our rehabilitation and training protocols and programs. We are New York City’s 360* answer to one on one physical therapy and personal training.

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