Welcome to SL50- SportsLab NYC‘s 50 minute results driven functional group training class. JOIN US TODAY to experience high intensity interval training at its best in midtown Manhattan.

At SportsLab our goal is simple–we train you like coaches train athletes.
We target to improve five key elements; strength, speed, endurance, agility, and flexibility. These five elements, when combined with expert instruction, will provide you with the solid foundation to vastly improve your fitness level and get results fast.

Who has heard about HIIT?

Scientific research has proven that repeated short bursts of high intensity interval training is better for your health and fitness than steady state cardiovascular exercise.

What makes SL 50 different than other NYC classes?

1. SL 50 is interval based.
Our classes combine a fusion of strength and metabolic training, which is both muscle building and fat burning.

2. SL50 is time based.
Unlike CrossFit, there is no fixed number of reps to complete. The brilliance of this is you go at your own pace. When your body is ready to do more you increase the reps, thus less chance of injury.

3. SL 50 is partner based.
You will be paired with a like training partner, thus pushing yourselves equally together, overcoming barriers and hardships throughout the class.

SportsLab NYC and SL 50 is focused on building a stronger inner and outer you! Grab a friend and listen to some great music while working out at New York’s SportsLab.

Unleash Your Athlete

Our 6 week program is recurring and is 3 times per week.

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Unleash Your Athlete