SportsLab NYC Pilates will change your physique without causing too much stress to your body. It’s the perfect blend between Body and Mind. Pilates is for all body types and its principal focus is “Corrective.”
It is a tool that focuses on helping with alignment, chronic injuries and organic deficiencies in the human body.
SportsLab NYC Pilates allows for overall improvement of Joint Mobility, Lengthened Stability while developing the Postural Muscles and Phasic Muscles for effective movement and proper alignment. Fluid movement and muscular control help prevent injury while improving imbalances in the human body and increasing the progress of Rehabilitation.
SportsLab NYC Pilates, located in Midtown Manhattan, is the smart addition to all well rounded fitness training programs.
We offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced–TRY US TODAY.

The Benefits:
  • Develop a Strong Core and Back
  • Improve Flexibility and Joint Mobility
  • Effective Method of Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Enjoy an Effective Mind Body Workout