Crucial Steps to Recovering from an Injury

Returning to Activity Following an Injury

Returning to activity following an injury is something that is often rushed and overlooked. With athletes and individuals eager to get back into the game, it’s important that safe and actionable protocols are provided.  Utilizing a strength training program combined with physical therapy is the best protocol. article, titled Crucial Steps Injured Athletes Often Overlook as They Rush Back to Action,  discusses the necessary steps to take for individuals and professionals on their recovery journey. Yet, often times, not all parties are on the same page.  “Sports medicine staff as well as strength and conditioning coaches commonly agree on what athletes need prior to reengaging in sport, but rarely are they on the same page regarding the optimal methodologies.” Cue where SportsLab NYC comes in…

SportsLab Personal Training & Physical Therapy

SportsLab NYC,  a personal training facility located in Midtown Manhattan, focuses on a 1:1 individualized approach to personal training, physical therapy and massage therapy. This makes it a great option for those who may be recovering from an injury, operation or looking to fix imbalances. Our Medical team works extremely close with the performance training team to ensure optimal results and strength are achieved.

The above article puts it best: “An integrative approach that allows one to seamlessly transition from doctor to physical therapist to strength coach with matching beliefs and congruent systems is what yields optimal results!”

This is exactly what our strength coaches and therapists work together to achieve. It is essential that the strength and conditioning coaches actively communicate where the individual is at with their progress and then where they need to be to return to perform. They key word here is perform

Ready to Train VS Ready to Perform

The key here is knowing that some individuals may come to you ready to get right back into it and then others may need further assessing. Further assessing could mean using technology such as Dorsavi to gain a deeper insight and eliminate future risk of injury.  The wearable sensor based technology testing (available at SportsLab NYC in midtown Manhattan) gives us a guide for athletic training and recovery programs. Most importantly, it allows our team of physical therapists and trainers to determine when it’s safe for individuals and athletes to return to activity. “Perhaps one of the biggest roles a strength coach can play after that is providing training that reduces future injury risk.” Focusing on where the athlete is with their progress is the single most important aspect of the process.

Owner and strength and conditioning specialist at SportsLab NYC, John Lippert, says “the most important thing for us, as trainers, is that we follow very specific instructions from the therapist,  which is why it’s very helpful that we have the trainer and physical therapist on the floor at the same time. I think this is the exact reason why SportsLab NYC does a great job in transitioning our Physical Therapy patients into the strength training aspect of their recovery process.”

Finding the Right Treatment Program in NYC

When it comes to recovering from an injury, finding the right treatment program for you should be your first and foremost priority.  Every professional is unique and therefore has very different approaches. Our suggestion: Find a personal training and physical therapy team that works for your individualized needs, puts your recovery first and sets you up for success down the road. Ultimately, we want to see you stronger, leaner and most importantly, injury free!

If you are living in the New York City area and looking to get started with safe, effective training or physical therapy, get in touch! Give us a call or email to get started with a training or recovery program. And if you’re not in the area,  we’re happy to answer any questions you have via email or social media! Catch you next time…

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