Sportslab NYC Takes Client Assessment and Injury Prevention to the Next Level

client assessment and injury prevention testing
Dorsavi FMS Client Assessment

At Sportslab NYC, we are excited to introduce the ‘Functional Movement Screen’ (FMS) and ‘dorsaVi’ sensor based technology as the newest additions to our client assessment and testing protocol.

Whether you’re exercising or just going about your regular day, we often utilize compensatory movement strategies to avoid uncomfortable body positions or to avoid putting further strain on the body. For example, if the right knee has pain, we will avoid putting as much strain on that joint. Protecting the right knee joint by walking or running gingerly on the right side forces the left side of the body to pick up the slack. This leads to potential left hip, knee and low back stress or pain.

Often times, it is difficult to tell when, how often and how much you are compensating to protect an injury. Hence, client assessment testing is very important when it comes to injury prevention.

What is ‘Dorsavi’?

DorsaVi is a software system which works collaboratively with FMS to introduce powerful, new technology that measures human movement like never before.


What is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?

The Functional Movement Screen was designed to objectively assess how WELL you move. By using seven fundamental movements that are key to daily life, the screen eliminates the guessing game, assesses your risk to injury, as well as the quality of movement.

How do they work together for client assessment and testing?

DorsaVi is comprised of top end sensor technology which provides objective data to accurately assess movement, muscle activity and risk of injury. Using dorsaVi to complete the FMS test, sensors are placed on the testing subject’s lower back. After completing all of the requested FMS movement patterns, dosaVi technology measures left/right imbalances, mobility restrictions, instabilities and weaknesses, and postural patterns. These limitations are then communicated to the strength and conditioning specialist who then works to improve movement quality based on information given during the client assessment and testing.

Who needs this type of testing?

This is a great test for current and previous athletes (especially runners), as well as for anyone looking improve back pain.

If you’re a runner, or have hip/low back pain, or if you just want to make sure you’re aligned for the fall, ask the Sportslab concierge about DorsaVi client assessment testing!

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