Abs Really Are Made In The Kitchen

You squat, you deadlift, perform countless ab exercises, sit-ups, and even hit the treadmill, and still no sight of that elusive 6 pack. Why, you ask? The answer for most people is quite simple. You’re eating the wrong foods, and, too much of them.
Yes, improper nutrition is the number one reason the general population won’t ever see their abs, unless of course they change bad habits. Now that’s not saying proper strength and metabolic training should be ignored. We all know (if not you do now) a workout fusion of squats, deadlifts, upper body strength training, metabolic sprints, sled work, battle ropes, etc., will do wonders to transform bodies. That is, if you are working with an educated personal trainer.
However, for the majority of dedicated training individuals, to actually see those abdominals, you’ll need to get on track with these 6 nutritional rules for that infamous 6 pack (or even an 8 pack).
Hurry though, 2019 is around the corner. Below we have provided a step by step guide to get those abs to the surface.
1. Water-drink approximately 1 oz of water per lb of bodyweight. So if you weigh 200 lbs, drink close to 200oz of drinking water per day.
2. Sugar- Let’s keep this one simple!
NO Processed SUGAR, Period!
3. Starch carbs- Take it easy here, as these calories pack a quick punch! Bread, Rice, Pasta, and Potatoes should be limited, unless of course you’re an endurance athlete!
Choose more wisely with low glycemic high fiber vegetables.
4. Alcohol – limit your alcohol consumption.
It adds countless calories and leads to those ohhh so good/bad decisions(ie. Pizza, Chinese food, or even late night @ McDonalds)
5. Protein-If you want to stay lean(for most people) approx 40% of your daily caloric intake must come from quality proteins. Examples are grilled chicken breast, seafood, egg whites, and whey/egg/beef protein supplements. Supplementation is suggested if you are training with high intensity.
6.Amino Acids- A high quality post workout amino acid drink is excellent for muscle recovery.
Put these rules to good use and let us know when those abs come in! We’ll want to see your before and after results 😉
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